What Can Your Child Learn In Smart Start?

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    Do your child's eyes light up when you sing to them? Do they smile when they discover an instrument makes a sound? With Smart Start classes, you can harness the joyful power of music, movement, and play to both educate and bond with your child.

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    Smart Start classes cultivate a young child's innate love of music while developing their cognitive skills. These include attention, memory, perception, and cognitive flexibility, which are crucial to daily tasks and help in activities like reading, mathematics, planning, games, and socialization.

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    Smart Start neuroscientists have found that musical skills are closely linked to language abilities in early childhood. To nurture these connections, we help children focus on the rhythmic qualities of speech in our activities, as well as introduce them to material from multiple languages throughout our curriculum.

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    Children in Smart Start develop fine motor control, rhythm, creativity, and sophisticated musical understandings through their exploration of a wide variety of instruments and songs. This learning can serve as a wonderful foundation for lessons on a specific instrument later in life.

Core Benefits Of The Smart Start Program


Studies by Smart Start neuroscientists confirm improvements in vocabulary size, phonological memory, rapid symbolic and non-symbolic naming, and singing accuracy. Our research also shows that children who remained in the program longer, experienced a greater increase in both musical proficiency and cognitive fundamentals. Regular standardized testing showed results above the baseline for normal development.


We believe that every child should have access to high-quality music education as young as possible. Smart Start groups children by age to cultivate their musical and cognitive skills, offering four distinctive courses for children ages 0 through 3. Each multisensory course delivers a range of unique music and movement activities each age will enjoy, while helping them meet developmental milestones.


Smart Start classes are supported by digital resources for both caregiver and child, including music and lyrics for the songs used in class. Instructors also provide caregivers with descriptions of our musical and cognitive goals, progress reports on their child, and articles and supporting materials. This combination enables the caregiver to continue the child's learning at home and provides some context to support their in-class experience.


Smart Start's curriculum leverages a wide variety of songs, games, rhymes, and listening experiences collected from diverse and global cultures as well as different languages and musical traditions. Curriculum is unique for each age group, so children are exposed to a new variety of activities as they progress through the learning groups.

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